Living Freelance aims to make it easier to access good information and useful tools. Our platform will help freelancers stay current on trends in our varying professions, smart ways to generate work opportunities, proven strategies for growing your business, and more.

We’ve also sourced a flexible and affordable healthcare benefits program for freelancers. We will continue to look for opportunities to use our collective power to address the insecurities freelancers face and advocate for policies that recognize our growing numbers.

This is not a moneymaker for us, and to participate there’s no formal membership required. We’re doing this because we believe that together we can be smarter, stronger and more successful professionally than we can on our own.

Are you a freelancer working in Canada? If so drop us a note to share your story, identify an area we should focus on, or just to become friends.


Minda Sherman

Minda Sherman is the founder of Living Freelance and former Executive Vice President of Talent and Operations at Blast Radius. As a leading HR specialist, Minda has been freelancing since 2014 and is dedicated to developing relevant, cost-effective solutions to the precarities of freelance living.

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Nadine Adelaar

Nadine Adelaar is the webmaster and digital content editor of Living Freelance. Along with her work in the area of web design and development, she contributes in the capacity of editor to GUTS Magazine, an online feminist publication.