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Trends and Tools | Feb 24, 2017

Canadian Unions for Freelancers: An Introduction

If you've ever wondered about joining a union as a freelancer, here's your starting point: we've assembled a list of some of the best options in Canada

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Trends and Tools | Sep 08, 2016

Popular Meetups for Canadian Freelancers

An overview of some of the best meetups in the country for networking and developing your skills.

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Trends and Tools | Jun 25, 2016

What Do Freelancers Look for in Agencies?

Freelancers talk back! We heard from the agencies and now we’ve got the freelancer perspective on what it’s like to work in the ad world.

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Trends and Tools | Feb 26, 2016

The Freelancer’s Guide to Eating

What are the best eating practices for freelancers? Our guide provides some pro-tips and a list of delicious and easy snacks.

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Trends and Tools | Nov 01, 2015

Freelancers Helping Freelancers

The world of freelancing is full of people who generously help other people – not for money, not for fame or “exposure,” but because they know the challenges of operating independently and want to help. We shed light on the unsung heroes of freelancing.

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Trends and Tools | Oct 01, 2015

On My Own: The Challenge of Freelance Isolation

With more and more people engaging in freelance gigs, the total number of people “working alone” is bound to increase. But are we really equipped to take on the isolating effects of freelancing? Living Freelance explores the problem of lonliness among freelancers.

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Trends and Tools | Sep 24, 2015

Living Freelance’s Top Ten Co-Working Spaces in Toronto

Having trouble finding the right work environment? From The High Park Commons to The Foundry, we’ve selected our favourite co-working working spaces in the city.

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